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The Master

Sifu Ángel Pérez

​You can be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy, irrespective of race, culture and religion.​


Our mission is to teach authentic Shaolin Arts to deserving aspirants for health, vitality, mental clarity and spiritual fulfillment.​


My name is Sifu Ángel Pérez. I am Director, Instructor and Healer of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute Puerto Rico. I have trained martial arts for the last 25 years and follow the direction of Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit who has dedicated his life to the practice and teachings of these arts. I am fifth-generation direct successor of Venerable Jiang Nam of the Shaolin Monastery at the City of QuanZhow in the South of China.​


According to Chinese philosophy, being healthy is not just freedom from disease, but it includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. A person can not be healthy that if even when free of physical illness, easily irritated, has little power of concentration or harassed by vice and confusion.​


The Chinese believe that man is an organic unity of essence, energy and spirit. Essence (Jing) is the physical substance of the person, energy (Qi) is the life force and spirit (Shen) is the mind, the soul or consciousness. Health means the welfare of all three aspects of man.​


The "incurable" diseases are irrelevant in the philosophy of Chinese medicine, which postulates that man, by nature, is healthy and able to overcome all diseases.